We are fans of Glamping. What a great invention!

Glamping is living the camping spirit with everything already set up. Enjoying real contact with nature, being comfortable. The essence of camping, with glamour. The environment is respected, sustainability matters to us. Camping life is a family environment in which you meet neighbors, long talks are generated, experiences of the area and dinners are shared, and the children make friends and go biking by their own with freedom and safety.

The glamping at Camping Nautic Almata are inspired by African safari tents. They are canvas tents with wooden floors, with an equipped kitchen, two rooms with super comfortable beds, and a fantastic terrace. Ideal for families of up to five people. They are located in different areas of the campsite, near the beach or overlooking the river.

To live an authentic Glamping experience on the Costa Brava our lodges do not have a bathroom. The toilet blocks are a few steps away. Sharing that space is leaving the comfort zone of home a little to enjoy the camping life. Discover that sharing spaces is endearing.

Don't miss out on this adventure on the Costa Brava, in the heart of Parc dels Aigualmolls, on the beaches of Sant Pere Pescador, Glamping has come to stay!

At Nautic Almata we are very aware of our commitment to nature. Our privileged location, in the heart of the ‘Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls ‘, and a few minutes from Sant Pere Pescador, commits us to take care of the area and the environment.

In 2020 we have launched the #NauticAlmataDreamsGreen project which involve us in the commitment of the preservation of our surroundings.

The idea is to transform this campsite on the Costa Brava into a space as green as possible in terms of sustainability, as a responsabilty pact to the planet and social responsibility.

Last summer, we launched tablecloths in the Almata Restaurant and the Pizzeria in collaboration with Circoolar. These recycled, recyclable and witch social impact tablecloths have avoided PET plastic waste equivalent to 760 500ml bottles, have empowered 15 people through their preparation, and will generate zero waste at the end of their useful life.

We also decided to avoid the waste of thousands of disposable masks by creating corporate fabric mask. Small actions that add up.

We invite all of you who are part of this great family campsite to join us in this beautiful task. We’ll keep you updated!

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