At Nautic Almata we have always been a pet friendly campsite. We like dogs! We want Sancho Panza, our guard dog and the most playful dog in the region, to join a canine gang in the summer.

From the 2021 season, dogs will also be welcome in our safari tents, both at the Bahia Almata lodges and at the Rec Sirvent lodges.

We also hope by 2022 to have an exclusive space for all the dogs on the campsite. We are designing it! For now for this season we will offer all dogs a lot of toys for their enjoyment. Who knows, maybe one day they'll even have their own schedule of activities.

A pet friendly campsite on the Costa Brava? The Nautic Almata!

* If you are a dog, you are well educated, you like to play, swim on the beach and run in the countryside, come and spend a few days with us:) *

Caravaning has been for many years the ideal option to spend a few days outdoors and surrounded by nature. Now, more than ever, it is establishing itself as a perfect way to spend the holidays.

Motorhomes are classified according to the type of coupling with the base chassis-cabin that shapes their exterior shape.

Campervans are leading this caravanning trend. They are ideal for short trips, they are compact and cheaper, and you don't give up carrying a piece of the house on your back, with a maximum capacity of 4 people.

At the Primavera Van festival, which is held in spring at the Nautic Almata campsite, hundreds of camper vans meet: classic and modern. Furgosfera magazine, the festival's alma mater, knows it and tells everything about camper life.

The integral, over-the-top and profiled motorhomes are more similar, with a capacity of up to 7 seats, they differ in their interior layout, and are distinguished by their high-end equipment. These vehicles allow longer trips or vacations in total comfort.

For all of you who want to have a new adventure of Caravaning on the Costa Brava, we recommend visiting or reading the magazine. And of course, come to Nautic Almata to enjoy it!

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